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Sunset at Thorne by Christine Hart LRPS

New Members Welcome

 regardless of ability or experience.

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IDPS welcomes everyone with an interest in photography in all its forms.

Most members use digital techniques to produce prints and images for projection and at IDPS you can find experts in most aspects of “digital”.

Subject matter is as diverse as the membership – studio and candid portraits, nature, close-up, pictorial, landscape, travel etc.

We also have a range of photographic experience with people at the beginning of their photographic interests and some of the best photographers in the country at the other end of the scale.  All would agree that they still have plenty to learn about photography!

IDPS prides itself on being a Society which is interested in the finished image and not on the equipment used to produce it.

Help is available to new members through our New Members Group.

Annual Subscriptions (due on 1st September)

From the 3rd  April 2014 subscriptions are:

Ordinary Members


Country Members


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Membership Secretary

Lynda Robinson

Tel:  01206 241419

Email: membership@idps.org.uk

Country Members are those who live further than 25 miles from HQ, Burlington Baptist Church Centre see Rules for full details.

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