Ipswich and District

Photographic Society


Radcliffe Camera by Dennis Lumkin LRPS


I hope you are all taking every opportunity to take photographs in preparation for the next season. I know it seems a long way off but really it is only just over three months away from beginning of the next programme, which is sent to you with this bulletin.

David Robinson in his President's Notes mentioned his aversion to pictures produced to follow a current fashion just to gain "Brownie points" with judges and selectors. It also annoys me to see exhibitions biased towards what is currently the trend, with much excellent work rejected because it is not.

On page 8 are details of this years Members' Display at the Ipswich Tourist Information Centre. Don't forget to let David know if you intend to supply prints for the display. The event is an important shop window for the Society and is a good opportunity for you to show your work to the public.

Please note the change of name for the Transparency Section to take account of the increase in use of digital files for projection. The new name is the "On Screen Section" which brings together all forms of projected image. The obvious title of Projected Image Section was rejected as members were concerned regarding the possible acronym being used.

Wayne Turtill has commenced issuing regular news emails to keep members in touch with what's going on within the Society. It is hope that this will be a regular feature, which will augment the Bulletin and other means of communication. See the Membership Secretary's report on page 6

Page 7 gives you further information about the new web site that David Robinson is constructing which should go live before the start of the new season, but it needs your contributions. I realise that this time last year I was enthusing about a new site being designed by Rod McMillan but for reasons already explained it did not come to fruition. Please give David your support as it is important to have a modern up to date web-site which reflects IDPS membership needs and aspirations.

The club archives have been neglected over the past few years, being piled in boxes in Alan Turner's attic. The committee has decided to get them into some order and indexed for future reference. Diana Freeman has volunteered to take on the task (see page 20)

I hope to see many of you during the summer months taking part in the numerous activities on offer e.g. Studio Group, MAG, Beginners Workshops, etc.

Barry Freeman ARPS DPAGB


President's Notes

This edition of the Bulletin marks the end of one season and the beginning of another. I must therefore thank the outgoing committee for all of their work over the 06/07 season. Much of the work done is behind the scenes and often un-remarked but is essential to provide the extensive programme of meetings and activities that we all enjoy.

I must particularly thank Alan Powell and Arthur Griffiths who are standing down from Publicity Secretary and Membership Secretary respectively. Both have carried out the roles for many years and each, in their own way, has been an excellent ambassador for the Society. Their replacements Phil Smith and Wayne Turtill are taking up the baton with great enthusiasm.

We welcome six new members to the Society (see Wayne's Report in this Bulletin) and I look forward to seeing them at future meetings. Please make an effort to welcome any new faces you see at forthcoming meetings and events.

With new members coming on board and the good financial position reported by the Treasurer at the AGM the Society looks very well placed to go from strength to strength in the coming seasons.

It was a bit disappointing to see how few entries we had accepted into the EAF Exhibition this year but I think there are a number of reasons for this. One is one of my favourite hobby horses which is the tendency for top judges to be "followers of fashion" which in my view leads to a repetition of similar images in top competitions and exhibitions. This hardly encourages creativity. However when I see the images at our section meetings I am

greatly encouraged that our members are exploring creativity and developing their own styles of photography. Fortunately pot hunting is not our only photographic interest!

We did have one big success _ congratulations go to Matthew Clarke who picked up a Selectors Award from Peter Chatham for "Resurfacing Norwich Road, Ipswich". This was one Matt's great night shots and a well deserved success _ well done Matt. Roger Hance FRPS also managed to get in the winning mode with two Highly Commended for his monochrome prints "Keiran and William" and "The Kiss, Piccadilly Circus 10pm". He was joined by Alan Turner ARPS who also picked up Highly Commended for his shot of "Cromer Pier". Roger also had a slide "Four spotted chaser" Highly Commended. So congratulations to both Roger and Alan.

On-Screen Section

The coming season sees a major change _ for the better and looking to the future. The Transparency Section has voted unanimously at their AGM to change the name of the Section to the "On-Screen Section". This meets the challenge of the digital revolution head on in both single image and A-V formats. Projected images and printed images do need a different approach and we are only just beginning to understand this as we see our digital images projected more often. All of the Society's former slide competitions are now projected image competitions and slide and digital images are equally welcome. We wait for the EAF to follow suit!

Continued page 4


External Competitions

Over the last season we seem to have had difficulty getting people to bring along their best images for external competitions. IDPS has never been a pot hunter club but we do like to "punch our weight" out there. This season we have included deadlines in the programme for the various competitions so you can see well in advance when work is required. Also I ask the two Section Committees to take the lead in identifying the best images in monthly competitions and other competitions and to make these available to the External Competition Secretary by the due date.

On that topic Matthew Clarke, due to pressure of work, really needs to hand this role on to someone else. The role needs a good organiser who can chivvy members into making work available. There aren't very many such competitions so the admin load isn't too great but it is a job that needs to be "chipped away at" to spot good images throughout the season. If you think you have a good eye for a winning picture and would be prepared to take this on please contact me or Matthew.

Coming Season

I wish you all a successful summer and hope you capture lots of new images. I look forward to seeing even more entries to the monthly competitions and Annual Exhibition. Also do take advantage of the summer activities of the Studio Group and Monochrome Appreciation Group. Their days out are a great opportunity to take some pictures in the company of other photographers.

David Robinson ARPS President

Rule Changes

Passed at the AGM Held Monday 30th April 2007

The Committee proposed that the Rules and Byelaws be replaced in their entirety by the Constitution and Rules, which was circulated with the February 2007 Bulletin.

These were a rewrite to modernise the language of the Society's former Rules and Byelaws. No changes in principle have been made except where indicated in bold italics and a paragraph has been added to the new Rules to deal with the Society's Website.

The two following amendments (shown on page 5) were also passed to the new Constitution and Rules

1. The Committee proposed that in Para.8 of the Constitution the words "proposed and seconded by two members of the Society" be deleted.

(Note, an application for a Lottery Grant to fund new lighting equipment for the Studio Group has been rejected on the grounds that the above words do not "offer sufficiently open membership")

2. The Committee proposed that in Para 10 of the Constitution the word "Existing" be deleted and that the words "There will be no new Life Members" be deleted and replaced by "Anyone who has been a member of the Society for 50 years or more and has paid annual subscriptions, shall become a Life Member in the season following the fiftieth anniversary of their Joining the Society for as long as they wish to be a member of the Society."



Members are reminded that subscriptions for the 2007 - 2008 season are now due (See Constitution Paragraph11) and should be sent to the Treasurer and accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope for the return of a new membership card.

Subscription rates are:

Ordinary Members £38.00

Ordinary members residing more than 25 miles from the Bramford HQ - by the shortest road distance £24.00

Associate Members £19.00

Junior Members £6.00

Members who have not already renewed their subscription will find a slip enclosed with this Bulletin.

Members are reminded of the Society's Constitution Item 4.2 - "All annual subscriptions shall become due and payable on election to membership and thereafter, without demand, on April 1st each year.

The Committee may terminate membership of any member whose annual subscription remains unpaid on 15th October in each year."

Alan Turner ARPS DPAGB APAGB Hon Treasurer

Members Success

You will be pleased to know that Brian Beaney has had two prints accepted for the Royal Photographic Society's 150th International Print Exhibition. The entry from 33 countries was a total of 2200.

His accepted prints were "Chateau in Nontron" and "Roots".

Richard Cherry has achieved his ARPS in Visual-Art category

Barry Freeman was recently awarded his DPAGB and at the same assessment Hasje Mousley was awarded her CPAGB.

Congratulations to them all!


Programme notes

Highlights to note for the new season of the Main Society are Ron Tear, a well known lecturer and judge giving us the benefit of his "Photographers Eye", pictures from Namibia taken by Liz and Barry Hatten from Cambridge CC, David Eatwell with very pictorial images of steam trains in China, John Bulpitt with a miscellany of images probably including sport and natural history, David Gynn with moody landscapes in Essex and Suffolk and Alan Whitcroft with landscapes in USA.

All this, plus two of our own members- Alan Turner and Stan Gillam showing collections of their images both old and new to inspire us to go out with our cameras and produce more pictures of our own!

Attendances have been good in 2007 so far, so I hope we go from strength to strength in the new season _it would be nice to see more new faces as we have done in the past season.

Lynda Robinson LRPS

Programme Secretary.

increased dramatically, so thank you Arthur _ I think!!!!.

Hopefully all of you with current e-mail addresses are receiving the regular updates and notices that we are now sending out. For those of you who aren't getting these updates but have an e-mail address, if you can let me have it I will add you to the list, and for all of you who don't have e-mail addresses perhaps it's time to get one? !!

New Members

Since the last bulletin we have had 6 members join the Society

Kenneth Weston

Martin Hill

Pam Littlejohn

Trevor Hardwicke

Izzy Lane

Przemyslaw Bezdziecki or Jetski as he is known

My spell checker had a real problem with that one !

I have also had a long conversation with Hasje Mousley and she is well on the mend but will it will still be a little while yet before she is fully recovered. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing both Hasje and Harold very soon.

Wayne Turtill

Membership Secretary

As this is my first bulletin, I would like to first pass my thanks on to young Arthur for making the hand over of the membership secretary's role such an easy process, however if I had known that I was to inherit the worlds oldest suitcase containing records that are a LOT older than me I may have had second thoughts however the insulation factor in my loft has



We are optimistic that the new website will be launched in the summer. We have taken a hosting subscription with FastHosts.co.uk and the new site will have plenty of space for members' images. This is a great way to show your pictures to a wider audience and everyone is encouraged to provideDavid Robinson with images by email (thosdavid@aol.com) or on CD to David at Tender Oak, 104 Chitts Hill, Colchester, CO3 9SY.

To see how things go we are suggesting up to 20 images per member and these should be:

High Quality jpeg

600 by 400 pixels max dimensions

96 dpi

Saved with the file name in the format:

"title.jpeg" (Where "title" is up to 30 characters, using letters, numbers and spaces only)

If on a CD they should be in a folder with the name of the author.

Members are encouraged to include a picture of themselves (in the same format) so that this can be used as a link to their personal gallery.

Members are also requested to allow us to include their successful distinction panels (e.g. RPS and PAGB) on the site and anyone who is willing to do this please contact Barry Freeman who can advise on how to format the panel(s).

All good things these days have a health warning and so we must give a warning re plagiarism on the web. Although images will be on the site at a low resolution and the site includes a copyright warning there is a risk that someone may "steal" images. They are of limited use being low resolution but you should be aware of the possibility. If you are particularly concerned you can include a watermark in the image before storing it as advised above.

The new site will be launched with all the essential information members need and with as many galleries as have been submitted. Thereafter we hope the site will continue to develop with new and more extensive features.

David Robinson ARPS


Below is a black/white image of a colourful stained glass window installed in St. Michaels and All Angels Church, at Martlesham Heath. This window was designed by Alan Powell and was the first real work he carried out in Photoshop. The window, which was dedicated in September 2000, is without the very appropriate inscription shown here as it was deemed unsuitable, not being a quote from the Bible.

A number of our members have hidden talents, haven't they? - Barry



The results of the Society's entry for the 2006 East Anglian Federation Annual Exhibition were:

Monochrome Prints

Entered 54 Accepted 7 Forwarded to PAGB Exhibition 6

Colour Prints

Entered 80 Accepted 7 Forwarded to PAGB Exhibition 2


Entered 25 Accepted 9 Forwarded to PAGB Exhibition 5

The Exhibition was displayed in the Gibberd Gallery, Harlow Town Centre from Saturday 28th April to Saturday 19th May.

IDPS members won the following awards:

Matthew Clarke Selector's Slide Award

Roger Hance Two Highly commended Monochrome prints & one Highly Commended slide

Alan Turner One Highly Commended Monochrome print

Alan Turner Hon Exhibition Secretary

Ipswich Tourist Information Centre Display

24 _ 29 September 2007

We will be displaying members' work in St Stephens again this year. The idea is to show new work which hasn't been exhibited in public in Ipswich before and new members and beginners are particularly encouraged to submit work. This is a "self select" display so you don't have to please any judges _ just the Ipswich public!

The display is very popular with Ipswich residents and is also seen by the many visitors to the town who use the Tourist Information service.

If you wish to participate entry forms are available from David Robinson by email (thosdavid@aol.com) or by sending a note with a stamped & self-addressed envelope to David at Tender Oak 104 Chitts Hill Colchester CO3 9SY. He needs an indication of interest by 31 July. Up to six prints and 6 slides/digital images can be displayed.


RPS EAST ANGLIA Event on 15th JULY 2007

Selection of Prints for RPS EA Exhibition

Followed by presentations by

Kevin Maskell, FRPS, Margery Maskell ARPS and Brian Beaney FRPS

To be held at The Chamberlin Hall, Bildeston, Suffolk.

Commencing at 10.00am for 10.30am start


Entrants to Exhibition £4.00 to include admission to the selection day

Others: £4.00

Teas/coffees served on arrival and before departure included.

Bring Packed Lunch

Please book your place contact Joy Hancock FRPS, Woodview, 24 Hadley Road, Sheringham NR26 8PZ and enclosing a SAE

Please make all cheques payable to

RPS East Anglia Region

Your ticket, directions to the hall and map will be sent.

During the morning there will be the selection of the prints for the RPS EA Exhibition.

The afternoon session will commence with a presentation by Kevin and Margery Maskell. Both are prolific and well known National and International Exhibitors. Kevin and Margery also hold the EFIAP and MPAGB. Today we will be seeing their successful panels leading to the Master Distinction of the Photographic

Alliance of Great Britain and also the successful Fellowship submission by Kevin.

To conclude what I am sure will be an enthralling day we have another of our local photographers who has fairly recently gained a Fellowship _ Brian Beaney. Brian gained his Fellowship with digital prints and he tells me that he will be explaining the techniques used and showing the "before and after treatment" versions of some of his successful prints leading up to the display of his successful Fellowship panel.

Our speakers today are very willing to share their knowledge with fellow photographers.


29th JULY to 5th AUGUST, 2007 inclusive

At The Church Rooms, Cromer, Road, Mundesley Norfolk

10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. daily

Free Admission

Light Refreshments available


RPS Distinctions Workshop at Foxton Sunday 25th March.

By Phil Smith

I left Ipswich at approximately 8.15am to make my way to Foxton (Cambridgeshire), although it seemed much earlier than this owing to the clocks being put forward to greet the start of British summer time & what a pleasant sunny start to British summer it was.

On arriving at the venue I was greeted by members of Cambridge Photographic Club who had organised the day and a welcoming cup of coffee went down a treat.

The actual workshop started at 10am with the following RPS panel members advising for the day: - Roger Hance FRPS Nature (IDPS), Fiona Senior FRPS Applied & Professional, Ray Spence FRPS Visual Arts & Chris Palmer ARPS Licentiateship Panel.

The first section of the workshop focused on digital images, these were for LRPS & ARPS presentations as digital submissions are not accepted for FRPS, each person who had put their work forward had the various panel members pass on their comments stating various things that could be done to improve their work i.e. needed to be more sharp, better depth of field, cropping of the image, a better choice of subject etc.

The next section of the work shop was the print panels and of more interest to me as I am hoping to put work forward for LRPS. The format for this was the same as the digital images but included panels hoping to be put forward for FRPS.

Each person's work was displayed on stage and the relevant panel member gave their comments, they passed judgment on all aspects of the image but this time print

quality came into the equation and I must say that several of the panels presented fell short of the standard required to gain RPS distinctions, but with the advice given and taken on board success should be achieved.

It was said that the comments of the RPS panel were very harsh at times, but in my opinion that was the idea of the day, why go to a workshop day looking for advice from the experts on gaining your distinction only to complain about the comments made. At the end of the day it costs money to put your panel forward to the RPS so why not take comments on board and hopefully get your distinction at the first attempt.

A total of seventy people attended the day and twenty nine panels were assessed, so the RPS panel members well and truly earned their bread and butter.

All in all I found the day most helpful and enjoyable and I thoroughly recommend that any one thinking about going for a distinction should attend one of these workshops.

Story behind the picture

By Jolanta Cofta

Tucked away among the houses in a modern village at Martlesham Heath is an airfield Control Tower dating from the Second World War. Martlesham had been an aerodrome from 1917 and was operational in the Great War. Between the wars it became one of the most important RAF stations because it was where most types of British aircraft, both military and civilian, were tested before entering service. During the Second World War it became a fighter station and was active during the "Battle of Britain". It also hosted an Air Sea Rescue unit and in the later years of the war hosted an American Fighter Group whose task it was to escort


the American daylight bombing raids over Europe.

Today the Control Tower houses a small museum run by the Martlesham Heath Aviation Society and is open on Sunday afternoons during the summer. The photograph entitled "Brave Lady", which appeared in our annual exhibition revealed a lady's evening dress in the background. This dress was made from the parachute of a German airman who was shot down near Ipswich. The young lady, for whom it was made, was out for a walk with her father in the summer of 1943 when an airman baled out from a stricken German bomber. Her father captured the young airman and the parachute was "rescued" and used to make the dress and, no doubt, many other clothes, in a time of acute shortages.

So many nationalities flew from Martlesham. The RAF formed three "Eagle Squadrons" of American volunteers before the Americans entered the war. They flew many missions with the Eagle squadrons and many transferred to the US Forces after December 1941.

Two of the three Eagle Squadrons were stationed here for a period of time. The RAF formed various squadrons from the occupied countries including Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Free French. Many of these operated from Martlesham at some time during WW2. Certainly two of the Polish fighter squadrons flew from Martlesham amongst the many units that operated from the station.

Many famous pilots flew from here including Douglas Bader, Stanford Tuck and Peter Townsend. There were other notable people who flew from here, which included Ian Smith, (later to become the first Prime Minister of the then country of Rhodesia) and Sailor Malan (South Africa). Also included were airmen from the countries of the old British Empire. _ including Canada,

Rhodesia, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Australia who flew from here at one time or another both before and during the Second World War.

The picture shows Maggie the wife of the MHAS Archivist Alan Smith sitting in front of model wearing the evening dress mentioned above article


All the pictures shown here were taken at the Orwell Country Park IDPS Studio Group SHOOT

Donna,Terri-Anne and Louise


Summer Shoot at Orwell Country Park

We started at 2.30pm at the Country Park on a very windy but sunny afternoon.

Six members attended. Arnold Phipps-Jones, Wynne Turtill, Terrie Thorpe, Michael May, Scott Brown and Andy Stevens.

Models were Donna, Terri Anne and Louise. It was nice to have a good selection of models as it meant that we could get the shots we wanted without the girls being bombarded with lenses.

After a short walk we found an excellent spot and spent an hour or so doing some good work using fill-in flash and then moved on a few hundred yards to do some more work with a reflector against a tree that Michael knew of. The drop to one side would have left you pretty sore if you had lost your footing.

We finished off at about 5.30 and said our goodbyes till next time on 16th June at Otley Hall

Arnold Phipps-Jones

arranging for lunch afterwards. Models, Abbey and A N other, to be confirmed. We have been asked to take a couple of pictures of the hall for the owners for their personal use. The owners have also asked that we don't take pictures of the hall for sale by the Society or individuals. This seemed very fair.

July 22nd. Down on the Beach + BBQ - Walberswick our legendary beach shoot this is usually an ideal opportunity to bring the family along so they can see what you do, and meet some of the other wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends (political correction gone mad). Just bring some food that you would like turning into charcoal and what ever you would like to drink. Models Laura and Kirsty could be there depending on the numbers

Aug 19th. This one we are currently leaving open as we have a few irons in the fire and are just waiting confirmation so watch this space for more information. If you could give us an indication if you are coming that would be great as we can then tailor the amount of models that we need.

Let either Terri Thorpe or Michael May know if you wish to attend so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

Studio Group Summer Shoots

June 16th. This will be a formal shoot i.e ball gowns and the such-like and will be held at Otley Hall

(www.otleyhall.co.uk)The shoot will start at approximately 11.00am. There is a very nice pub in Otley that do, by all accounts, a cracking Sunday lunch, if people are interested. I will see about



This year's event was judged by Barry Freeman and the images were presented at the AGM. Alan Dench who co-ordinates the competition with the Ipswich in Bloom organising committee was disappointed with the low entry, considering the value of the prizes on offer. There will be NO event this year as there is a reorganisation of Ipswich in Bloom taking place, but it is hoped the competition will be back for the 08/09 season.

Even though the size of entry was small this year the quality was high and the awards won are listed below. Congratulations to the winners.










A Quote sent in by Stan Searle

There were four people called Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. An important job was required and Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it but Nobody did. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realised that Everybody would. The result was that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

Legs - photograph by Stan Searle


EAF Club Print Championship 2007 Selection for IDPS Entry

Round 1

1 The Exit Barry Freeman

2 St.Anne la Palut Alan Turner

3 Lonely Tree Hasje Mousley

4 Derrick Roger Hance

5 Chateau in Nontron Brian Beaney

6 Cromer Pier Alan Turner

7 First Snow Bob Mowle

8 Jay on Log Roger Hance

9 Limestone Pavement & Tree

Barry Freeman

10 Nooit Vulmaakt Brian Beaney

Round 2

1 Two Tree Sparrows Roger Hance

2 Angry Sea Matthew Clarke

3 Against the Elements Alan Turner

4 Thistles and Mist Barry Freeman

5 A Church in Nontron Brian Beaney

6 Sedge Warbler David Pryke

7 Blue Mood Alan Turner

8 Golden Dawn Brian Beaney

9 Strike Bob Mowle

10 The Avenue Barry Freeman

11 Kiss No.1 Roger Hance

12 Night-time road-works, Norwich Rd, Ipswich Matthew Clarke

13 Long Term Parking Barry Freeman

14 Jacey Coffee House Brian Beaney

15 Spud Lannegan Roger Hance

Tie-Breaker Round

1 Evening over Ullswater

Barry Freeman

2 September Morning Brian Beaney

3 Mayor John Ford Bob Mowle

4 The Shore at Bamburgh

Barry Freeman

5 Licensed Sex-Shop, Soho

Roger Hance


Friday 2nd February began with the annual judging for our George Farthing landscape trophy. As usual it was pleasing to welcome back Mrs. Pamela Farthing and Alison Constantine. Our Judge for the evening was Trevor Cox from Oulton Broad. This was the first year that each member was allowed to enter two landscapes (More of this change later*). There were twenty-three entries and Trevor finally awarded the trophy to David Pryke for his excellent slide of Levington Creek, which was presented by Alison Constantine.

1st David Pryke

2nd David Pryke

3rd Len Thorpe

(*The Committee must be careful that David doesn't persuade it to change the rules again to allow three entries per member!)

After the interval, Trevor judged the second round entries for the Postal Slide Battle for the Mersea Island Challenge Trophy. After which, IDPS were lying third, some twelve points behind leaders, Ex Rolls Royce. We saw some outstanding slides. Already, this season, we have been lucky having had two very good judges from the Lowestoft area and Trevor Cox made it three. A very enjoyable evening.

On Friday 16th February 2007, Barry Freeman made a welcome return to entertain us with "Travels Around the World" and to judge `Dilapidation' and `Open'.

His slides (from digital files), `Around his "business world" between 1951 and 1980', acted as aide-memoirs for some


very interesting stories; from the eastern as well as the western world. All images were taken with his Wrayflex camera _ if you remember this camera you are well over 21. If he had been arrested, as he very nearly was, for photographing a top security building on one trip, we may never have had the pleasure of Barry's company. A great fun start to the evening.

After refreshments the judging of `Dilapidation' and `Open' took place. When Barry judges, the dynamics and lighting are important factors in his assessments. Many thanks, Barry.

A certain member won both the set subject and the open competitions and it was suggested he had slipped Barry a `tenner' beforehand. Untrue, some said _ it was a couple of `tenners'! Oh well, believe it if you must.

Winner _ Dilapidation Brian Blomfield

Winner _ Open Brian Blomfield

(Postscript: The certain member mentioned above was well and truly brought down to earth at the next meeting when judge, Matthew Clarke, said his set subject `Transport' entries were pretty awful and certainly deserved no more than a 5 and a 6.)

Friday, 2nd March 2007 should have been the evening for the annual Ipswich versus Australia Battle but Australia had pulled out. Could it be they feared an English victory? No. There were understandable reasons for the withdrawal. However, the Battle will take place again next year.

Disappointment was replaced with pleasure. Ray Smith stepped in at short

notice and entertained us with his recent AV Travelogue of "Fiords and Ferries in Norway". We all know Ray's high standard of AV presentation and we enjoyed it once again. Greig's music blended perfectly with the digital images. Many thanks Ray.

After the break Matthew Clarke judged the set subject `Transport' and the Open. He was faced with a diverse set of transport images and the Open ones were interesting. We expected a knowledgeable and very competent piece of judging and he did not disappoint us.

Winner _ Transport - Ray Smith

Winner _ Open - Fred Nixon

(Great to see Fred's name up in lights)

Latest position in the Mersea Island Challenge Trophy competition? IDPS still third but now nineteen points behind the leaders, Ex Rolls Royce. Whether we win or lose, members are grateful for seeing some excellent images from the other participating clubs. Makes the competition worth while.

Flags a-flying, bells a-ringing and fireworks shooting into the sky! Congratulations to the AV Group which, on Friday 30th March, presented its 25th Annual Show to the Transparency Section. As usual, it was immaculately organised and presented by current AV Group leader, Ray Smith.

Although seven exciting digital sequences, two of which had `X' Certificates, (join us next year if you believe you missed an erotic treat!), were shown. The emphasis on this celebration evening was on some of the slide sequences shown over the past 25 years. To quote David Pryke, "It was like sitting in the parlour watching some very


nostalgic images". From the evocative nature of the Bed-sit Girl, the laughter and humour of 7-ton Denby Pies, to poignant moments of Autumn and Winter in the park, some wonderful knitting, accompanied by Pam Ayres, the transport problems of Ipswich 20 years ago _ nothing has changed _ and, finally, all of us felt we had been on a wonderful trip over the Alps. Special thanks to David, Val, Dorothy, Evelyn, Len and Ray.

To avoid any bias, as I am a member of the AV Group, the celebration presentation is best summed up from words given by David Pryke when thanking the AV Group. "It has been an absolutely fabulous evening and a fitting end to our season".

At the 15th East Anglian AV Competition on 17th March 2007, at the Holy Trinity Church in Rayleigh, Ray Smith's and Lydia Vulliamy's `Hidden World under the Waves' was highly commended. This was the first time I had attended this event and I thoroughly recommend you go in 2008. This year thirty-eight wonderful AV sequences were shown. Magic.

The onset of digital photography has opened up more options for members to produce AVs. If you are interested, and you should be, give Ray Smith a ring on 01473 743065. Go on, surprise yourself, do it now.

I was unable to attend the AGM on Friday 20th April 2007 as I was in Holland getting married to Fred Nixon. (It's an `in' joke. Ask any Committee member!).

I am assured that David Pryke's high standard of AGM presentation was maintained. Digital images accounted

for 54% of images received for Set Subjects and Open competitions. Average attendance during the season was twenty-three. After which, the IDPS President, David Robinson, judged the `set of three' `Patterns of Nature', which was our final competition of the season.

Winner _ Patterns of Nature - Robert Walker

The Colour Cup Trophy, awarded to the overall winner of the set subject and open competitions for the season, was won by Robert Walker. Well deserved, Robert.


1st Robert Walker

2nd Ray Smith

3rd Brian Blomfield

Please note that our Section is changing its name for next season. It will be known as the `On-screen Section'.

Let me end with a cautionary tale. It may help your photographic efforts. In April I went for a regular visit to the optician. He said, "Brian, you always believe your long sight vision is fine". "Yes", I replied, "still is". He said "it is, but only because you squint your eyes to do so". These new glasses will stop the squinting and your photographic images will be much improved". They were. So _ not been to the optician lately? Do so and, who knows what cups and trophies you may win which you believed were beyond you. Well, we can all dream.

Enjoy your summer. See you in September (only if I get the Zimbabwe presentation ready!).

Brian Blomfield


Monochrome Appreciation Group

On the 15th February a MAG meeting was held at Alan Turner's house, which was enjoyed by all the members attending with plenty of new work to admire.

On Sunday 18th March the MAG Day Out to Felixstowe was well attended, in spite of the strong wind and a liklihood of squally showers. Very promising sort of weather for dramatic landscape photographs and I look forward to seeing some at the MAG and Print Section meetings next season.

The MAG meet at my house in April was cancelled as it seems to have coincided with members' Easter activities.

On Sunday 13th May a MAG Day Out was arranged for Cromer and in spite of the forecast bad weather there was an excellent turn-out. When I left home it was raining but once north of Norwich the skies cleared to give way to broken cloud. The rain which was sweeping the rest of the country kept off at Cromer until after lunch and the morning was spent taking all those award winning images (I hope?). We all enjoyed our lunch at the pub overlooking the pier.

Note that all the MAG meetings and MAG Days Out are listed in the new Programme issued with this Bulletin. All members are welcome.

For details please contact:

Barry Freeman _ Group Leader

01379 668749


The 5th Monthly Competition was held on 21 February judged by Bob Mowle in his usual analytical and entertaining style. The set subject was the Human Face which led to some of Bob's dry humorous comments.

Entry Level Set Subject

1st Laura, aged 13 ¾ by Peter Cox

2nd The Anthem by Piotr Cofta

3rd One hour old by Andrew Stevens

Entry Level Open

1st Heath in winter by Piotr Cofta

2nd Flamingo by Wayne Turtill

3rd Jane's poppy by Peter Cox

Com. White anemone by Piotr Cofta

Advanced Level Set Subject

1st Nick by Derek Boddey

2nd Veteran by Alan Turner

3rd A cool guy by Jean Pain

Com. Do I look bothered? By Roy Essery

Advanced Level Open

1st Misty Mistley no.4 by Derek Boddey

2nd Hathersage Booth by Terri Thorpe

3rd Beach Nr. Portrush by David Robinson

Com. Wet and windy by Alan Turner

Com. Anthony Gormley statue by Alan Turner

Com. Common Darters by Paul Dyer

On 28th March Roger Hance judged the 6th and final competition of the season, with the set subject being the every popular (with photographers) "Dereliction". There was a good entry considering it was the last competition, especially for the set subject.


Entry Level Set Subject

1st Winter retreat by Scott Brown

2nd Derelict barn by Peter Cox

3rd Open Plan by David Kelly

Com. Old window by Piotr Cofta

Entry Level Open

1st Stone in Groyne by David Kelly

2nd Memories of Annecy by Peter Cox

3rd Emergency kit by David Kelly

Com. La defense by Piotr Cofta

Com. Thorpness Mill by Andrew Stevens

Advanced Level Set Subject

1st Derelict Chapel by Barry Freeman

2nd 2up-2down & Granny Annexe by Roy Essery

3rd Poster site by Alan Turner

Com. Old and forgotten by Jean Pain

Com. Forgotten oven by Arnold Phipps- Jones

Advanced Level Open

1st The Avenue by Barry Freeman

2nd Architectural shapes by Barry Freeman

3rd Jenson Button by Terri Thorpe

Com. Gemma by Alan Turner

Com. Male Pheasant by Matt Clarke

Com. Bend in the river by Roy Essery

The Section held one of its annual print discussions on April 18th, which was a most enjoyable evening and very well attended for a meeting so close to the season's end. It was a pleasant surprise that the majority of the work members brought along had not been shown before at IDPS and many of the newer members took part.

On the 2nd May the last meeting of the

year was the Section AGM with nothing controversial to report. The new Section Committee is Barry Freeman (Chairman), Phil Smith (Secretary), Andrew Camp, Roy Essery, Trevor Brundle, Matthew Clarke and Alan Turner. Derek Boddey was thanked for his years of effort on our behalf as Section Secretary.

The trophies for 2006/7 Monthly Competition - Annual Awards, were presented at the AGM and the leading positions are listed below.

Entry Set Subject Entry Open

1st Peter Cox 1st Piotr Cofta

=2nd Scott Brown 2nd Peter Cox

=2nd Andrew Stevens 3rd Jolanta Cofta

Advanced/Intermediate Advanced/Inter.

Set Subject Open

1st Terri Thorpe 1st Terri Thorpe

2nd Dennis Lumkin 2nd Matt Clarke

3rd Alan Powell 3rd Dennis Lumkin

Advanced Set Subject Advanced Open

1st Barry Freeman 1st Roy Essery

2nd Jean Pain 2nd Ron Pain

3rd Roy Essery 3rd Barry Freeman

The new advanced/intermediate trophies were presented to the section by Wayne Turtill. Thank you Wayne!

After the AGM was the much anticipated event the annual Ladies v Gentleman's print competition. This was judged by one of our long standing friends from Norwich _ Mike Trendell ARPS. Even though some men thought he had been influenced by some of the ladies, the men conceded that the judgement was fair. After a draw last year this was again a good performance by the Ladies team, as the men only beat them by one point. The Ladies are due for an outright win and it


will need a top effort by the men next year if they are to continue holding the trophy. Sincere thanks to the two team captains Jolanta and Piotr Cofta _ I understand they are still speaking to one another.

I hope you will all be out taking photographic masterpieces in preparation for the 2007/08 season and I look forward to meeting you again this coming September.

Barry Freeman _ Section Chairman

The Next Bulletin

This is due for distribution Mid September 2007 and the COPY closing date will be 19th August.


I look forward to receiving your pictures and articles?? MS Word documents preferred and pictures as A5, 300ppi tiff files or A4 prints for me to scan. (Don't forget the images need to be suitable for black/white printing)

There are still only a small number of images submitted for this publication _ perhaps you are saving them up for a rainy day?

I would welcome articles (with pictures if possible) which will make a change from mainly reports from the IDPS Officers and Section/Group Leaders.

What about a picture essay?

Or your photgraphic life history?

Note that your efforts will not be restricted to the paper version as I will be re-assembling the Bulletin each time so that, hopefully, the future Bulletins will also look good on the web page.

Barry Freeman ARPS DPAGB


IDPS Archives

Diana, the wife of Barry Freeman, has taken over the reponsibility of sorting out the club archives to form an indexed resource for members' future reference.

There seems to be a shortage of club photographs in the archives, especially of the award winners of past Annual Exhibitions. Any photographs and documents relating to IDPS will be gratefully received.

Turn out your lofts before you are too old to do so!

01379 668 749