British Photographic Exhibitions

International Federation of Photographic Art

British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE)

BPE stands for British Photographic Exhibitions and encompasses about 15 national open exhibitions e.g. Solihull, Southport, Clay Cross, Rushden etc.  Points are awarded for acceptances into these exhibitions - one point for each photograph accepted - and distinctions are awarded as follows:-

25 points 1 crown

50 points 2 crowns

100 points 3 crowns

200 points 4 crowns

300 points 5 crowns

The awards are called crowns but usually shown as * as computers do not have a crown on the normal keyboard! There are also ABPE (Associate) and FBPE (Fellow) awards.

A number of IDPS members participate in these exhibitions and they are usually sent in as a joint entry to reduce the cost of postage.

International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)

The International Federation of Photographic Art is an International Federation whose members are national photographic federations, one per country, i.e. the PAGB.  There are over 70 countries represented in FIAP.  

FIAP organises Biennial exhibitions where member countries can show their best work and the exhibition takes place in a different country each time.  FIAP also supports international exhibitions that meet certain minimum standards.  As additional encouragement to photographers FIAP has a worldwide system of distinctions earned by success in FIAP supported exhibitions.  These are:-

The MFIAP is probably the greatest photographic honour in the world.  There are also two honorary awards for services to photography namely  ESFIAP and Hon EFIAP.

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