Ipswich and District Photographic Society


Hardwork by Stan Searle


Well it's the start of a new season and I am looking forward to taking part in the Society's activities and watching the development of our new members.

We are living in a time of rapid changes in equipment and techniques, but I was interested in a small note in this month's issue of the Black and White Photography which indicates that the older processes still are finding favour with Professionals.

Pros stick with film

A Kodak survey of nearly 3,000 professional photographers across Europe has found that 67% of those questioned intend to continue using film in the future. In addition, 55% of those surveyed said they prefer the results made with film, while 80% also capture black & white images, with almost half of these (45%) choosing to do so on film.

Responding to the research, Kodak's European film manager, Oreste Maspes, says: `Professional photographers have shown they want a choice when capturing images - it is not an either/or world. Kodak is committed to providing professional photographers with the best tools for the job and it is clear that includes film and will continue to do so.'

We are still after a volunteer to take over administration of our external competitions activity _ anyone interested contact David Robinson. You will notice that the dates for giving your images in for the external competitions are now indicated in the programme.

We now have a new storage cupboard at St. Mary's Church Hall, which has given us adequate space for our equipment providing we keep it tidy.

I hope you have had a fruitful summer taking photographic masterpieces _ I look forward to viewing the finished work.

What about articles/pictures for the next Bulletin??

Barry Freeman ARPS DPAGB

President's Notes

Welcome to the new season _ I hope you have made something of our "summer" and captured lots of new images for the coming competitions and exhibitions.

Our first public display will be in the Ipswich Tourist Information Centre 24-29 September and 20 members will be displaying new work. This is an excellent showcase for our work and I hope you will pop-in to have a look. The Best in Show competition by public vote will once again be a feature of the week.

The new website is up and running and the few comments I have received have been complimentary which is reassuring. Suggestions for new material and improvements are very welcome. I would to thank those people who took the trouble to advise me of occasional "deliberate" errors _ this ensures the site looks at its best.

If you haven't had a look yet the address is www.idps.org.uk- do have a browse. The Programme is on there and any changes will be placed on the website so do keep an eye on that especially if you miss the announcements at a meeting or two.

The Member's Galleries pages are expanding and more panellists are needed. Details of how to prepare your work for your Member's Gallery are given on the website. Please let me have any news items for Groups or Sections and any photographic events in the area that you think may be of interest to other members.

I am also particularly keen to hear when people have had successes with distinctions and awards and I would like to expand the Distinction Panel section of the web site. Anyone who would like to put their panels for RPS or PAGB distinctions on the site please contact me for information on how to prepare your images.

Lynda and I had a chance to visit the Tate's exhibition of photography from its early beginnings to the present day _ "The Way We Are _ Photographing Britain". This was a large exhibition and we were nearly "imaged-out" by the time we got right through!


I felt that the early years and up to about the 60s were well represented by the exhibits with a wide range of photographic genres including record, photojournalism as well as photographic art. However I thought the curators lost the plot in the 70s as the only genre represented was avant-garde "art" photography which was not representative of photography in Britain. Shame, but the excellence of the early half of the exhibition did make it well worth a visit.

Also worth a visit was the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. This has had a few photos in previous years but this year a whole room was dedicated to photography and photography-related images. Some cracking stuff and one picture was on the short list for the major Wollaston Prize. Its good to see photography holding it's own in the visual arts scene.

This makes me wonder where photography will go in the future. We have experienced for ourselves the challenges of new technology with digital images. But now almost everyone seems to have a "camera" in their phone and Joe Public can be seen snapping away almost everywhere and at everything. But will we see any associated expansion of interest in photographic art and any increase in membership of photography clubs? It is possible to take images of a high technical quality on today's consumer level compacts (and even phones!) but without some understanding of visual art _ composition and the importance of light for example - will we have any better future photographic record of our times using cheap and easy modern technology compared with the hugely cumbersome kit of photography's early years? Also how much of the modern record will be lost "in the ether" as electronic records simply disappear as technology advances?

David Robinson ARPS

For Your Information _ Photoshop CS3

I recently upgraded to CS3 mainly to get my hands on the cataloguing and RAW processing capabilities of the new version of Adobe Bridge which comes with CS3.

When I first opened the new version of Bridge I was somewhat taken aback as it is very different from CS2 and earlier versions.

Much to my disappointment it also seemed quite awkward to use! Fortunately I had also invested in a copy of Scott Kelby's "The Photoshop CS3 Book for Photographers". When I worked through Scott's sections on Bridge and set mine up as he suggested I found the new Bridge to be a fantastic and very powerful tool for cataloguing and browsing images.

A case, I think, of almost too much in the package but when you find the useful bits it all becomes very easy and convenient.

The new RAW processor (Ver 4.1) is a big improvement on previous versions _ I now shoot exclusively in RAW _ and find this gives me much more control of my finished image.

CS3 itself probably doesn't justify an upgrade if you have CS2 although I found the new interface very good indeed allowing a larger workspace with quick access to important panels such as layers, history etc

The big new feature in CS3 is "Smart Objects" which allows you to apply filters and multiple filters to an image non-destructively working in a way similar to layers. This means not only can you reject filter effects later but you can go back in to the filter and re-adjust the controls at any time.

The other tool I am very pleased with is the new Black and White converter which can be accessed in the RAW processor and in CS3. This allows very fine control over how different colours appear as monochrome tones.

I am pleased with my new version of Photoshop but overall if you have CS2 you may not find it good value. If you are still using Photoshop 7 then you might find it worth a look.

If you need help on Photoshop I would recommend Scott Kelby's books. He has a slightly quirky sense of humour but he sets out his techniques in step-by-step fashion with each step very simply and clearly explained. Much easier to follow than a DVD or video as you can have the book open as you work. I often have it open when using techniques I am familiar with as an aide memoir.

Bear in mind though that you can do most things you need in Photoshop Elements for a lot less money!

David Robinson ARPS


Programme Notes

A reminder that the members' display is being put up in the Tourist Information centre at 9.30 on Monday 24th September and if you are available to help (even if you have no entries in the exhibition) you would be most welcome. The display runs till Saturday 29th September -contact the tourist information office for details of opening hours if you are planning a visit as it may finish early on Saturday to allow time to dismantle the exhibition. If you are exhibiting, please come and take away your prints on the last day if at all possible.

On Monday 1st October we have Stan Gillam ARPS, a member well known in the Print Section, coming to show us a selection of prints. He will be showing the starting image and the finished prints which is why his talk is called "The Before" and "The After"! It should be a fascinating evening so don't miss it!

There will be a raffle this evening so please bring some prizes -anything welcome!

The next Main Society lecture will be on Monday 18th October when Liz and Barry Hatten DPAGB will show us a digital presentation of their trip to Namibia - the landscape and the wildlife. Another great evening as they have some wonderful shots.

The A-V talk for the season is on Monday 29th October when Heather and Gordon Clarke DPAGB BPE2* will show us more of their wonderful sequences. They came some years ago and had an amazing variety of subjects which kept us well entertained for the evening. Definitely one for the A-V and slide workers particularly.

On Monday 12th November our long standing Treasurer, Alan Turner ARPS APAGB DPAGB BPE3* will let us see a selection of his work. Newer members especially will have the pleasure of seeing the wide variety of excellent work that Alan has produced in the past and everyone will appreciate his current images using different techniques in the darkroom and digitally. There will be another raffle this evening so again please bring donations to help club funds.

The Annual Dinner will be on Saturday 17th November at the Crown Hotel in Maningtree. This is always a good evening and enjoyed by all who attend so make the effort this year and you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday 20th November is the 3-way battle at Norwich and any supporters are positively encouraged! More information on the venue will be available nearer the time and, if anyone who has no transport would like to go, contact me and I will try and arrange a lift for you.

Monday 26th November brings David Eatwell; a lecturer from Peterborough who will show images of steam trains in China and also the landscape etc. He comes highly recommended so this should make a different evening from our usual talks.

The last lecturer before Christmas is John Bulpitt FRPS who is showing a wide variety of subjects except "Glamour"! He has shown some excellent work at Shillington Exhibition so will be well worth seeing. This will be a raffle evening also so you might pick up some useful presents for Christmas - assuming we get some donations of course!

I am looking forward to seeing you all in the new season.

Lynda Robinson LRPS

Members Achievements

Alan Turner Cotswold Salon 3 Acceptances including a Silver Medal

Barry Freeman Cotswold Salon 3 Acceptances

Matthew Clarke RPS Projected Images International 3 Acceptances

*Lydia Vulliamy Christchurch Park Photographic Comp. 1st in Historic Park Section

*Piotr Cofta Christchurch Park Photographic Comp. a certificate

*Jolanta Cofta Christchurch Park Photographic Comp. a certificate

* The full results of Christchurch Park Photographic Competition will be in the next Bulletin

The following members had images selected for the RPS East Anglia Region Print Exhibition

Brian Beaney 4, Richard Cherry 3, Matthew Clarke 4, Barry Freeman 2, Joy Hancock 4, Mike Hancock 2, Roger Hance 4, Ron Pain 4, Jean Pain 3, Phil Smith 1, Alan Turner 3.



Members are reminded that subscriptions for the 2007 _ 2008 season (Bye-Law No.7) are now due and should be sent to the Treasurer (address in the back of this Bulletin) together with a stamped addressed envelope for sending your new Membership Card.

Subscription rates are:

Ordinary Members £38.00

Ordinary members residing more than 25 miles from the Bramford HQ - by the shortest road distance £24.00

Associate Members £19.00

Junior Members £6.00

Those members who have not renewed their subscription will find a slip enclosed with this Bulletin that can be completed and sent to the Treasurer together with your cheque.

Please note club Rule 4.2 - All annual subscriptions shall become due and payable on election to membership and thereafter, without demand, on April 1st each year. The Committee may terminate membership of any member whose annual subscription remains unpaid on 15th October in each year.


Hon Treasurer

Membership Secretary

Well the closed season has been a hectic one after a major disaster on the computer front which meant that I had to re-format my computer and re-load everything!!!! Fortunately I had backed up my computer to an external hard drive just the week before so I thought I would give everyone a small reminder that its one of those things we should all do but probably put it off `till next week'.

Anyway enough of my ramblings since the last bulletin we have had three members join

Stephen Quigley

Christine Hart

Stephen Hart (Associate Member)

We look forward to seeing their work in the coming season

E-mail Updates

Now that the season is starting again I intend to send out the weekly e-mail update highlighting forthcoming events, competitions and general topics of interest. If anybody would like anything including in these e-mails please send me the details by the Friday of that week and they be included in that weeks update.

Wayne Turtill

Correction to 07/08 Programme

There is an error with Wayne Turtills address the post code should read



The EAST ANGLIAN FEDERATION was placed seventh out of fifteen in the Monochrome Print Competition and sixth in the Colour Print Competition.

I D P S Acceptances:

Colour Prints:

"Golden dawn" by Brian Beaney FRPS




It is only recently that we became aware of the death of Leslie Shepherd last year.

Leslie joined the Society in 1966 and was an active member for many years until he and his wife moved to sheltered accommodation in Girton, near Cambridge, in 1999 to be near their daughter. His wife died a few years ago.

He served on the committee from 1981 to 1990 and was President of the Society from 1982 to 1984. He took over the Presidency at the time of the major reorganisation of the Society that was introduced in 1982, when the Sections were introduced and other significant changes were made including the extension of the Presidency from a maximum of one year to three, and was the first to serve for that period. He was Print Section Chairman in 1986 elected an Honorary Life Member in 1985.

He was also on the EAF judges' `A' Panel for a number of years.

He worked in both monochrome prints and transparencies and donated the `Leslie Shepherd Trophy' to the Society in 1986 for `Record' photography in prints.

Alan Turner


As I compile these notes for the September Bulletin I am in the garden on a glorious sunny summer morning in mid August, Perfect.

However the floods and rains of mid summer return to my thoughts; how lucky we were to escape their horrendous impact unlike many people in the UK. Images seen on TV remain in our minds at present but memories are short. How many of you remember the twenty days of almost continuous sunshine with very high temperatures of July 2006? It's true. Check it out.

Enough of the weather. What photography have I carried out since last April, holidays apart, very little? As I wrote last year I will try and do better next year but the promise is made without much confidence. That having been said, having many different interests which conflict with each other is, to my mind, no bad thing.

I understand this year's Picture Trail held on 9th June was another success _ from Ashbocking via the east coast of Suffolk to the Old Mill House in Saxted Green.

I was particularly aggrieved to miss it as I had planned to be there once again so that I could enjoy the humorous moments I always share with Michael Allington. However a late trick was played upon me. Our holiday flight was brought forward by one week. All is not lost however as I am sure I will enjoy Michael's and Alan Doggett's judging on Friday 19 October 07. Don't miss it.

Some three nights ago I woke up after a dream and just about remembered the ending. I was at the Society's AGM and Treasurer Alan Turner's voice was demanding we exercise tight financial controls upon our expenditure. (Why is it that the dreams I had when I was young, which were always exciting and some erotic, have to be replaced with mundane ones in later age?).

Nevertheless this mundane dream set me thinking. Why cannot each of the present members of IDPS promise to leave a small amount to our Society in their Will? This would certainly help to make Alan's successors' lives much easier. Perhaps, President David, this item could be included on the agenda at the next AGM.


(Obviously if this is done and majority agreement reached we would have to ensure there will be no need to call in Hercule Poirot because members are popping off too quickly!).

An early warning, the closing date for the Set of Five competition is Monday 15 October and that for the Steeds Cup Monday 26 November 07. Am I incorrect or are the closing dates getting earlier each year.

Finally regarding the Set of Five competition, if Lydia Vulliamy is to continue her tremendous run of success in this competition she may well sink to the depths so if we are to beat her we must scale the heights.

Lydia we love you. This column cannot allow you to leave the On Screen section so please stay with us.

See you in September

Brian Blomfield

Print Section

Well the great British summer time has passed and what a summer that has been weather wise, all that has been missing is the snow…..I hope this inclement weather has not stopped all you print workers getting out with your cameras as the print section has a good selection of competition subjects for you to have a try at this coming season.

Personally it's been a bit of a nightmare of a close season for me. My five year old PC decided to crash and go to the PC graveyard. Thank goodness for external hard drives a MUST have in this day and age. What a relief all my work was saved on this as in the past it would have been lost.

With the help of 1St Graphic Computers, IDPS Main Sponsor, I am now up and running once more.

The highlight of the close season for Collis & I was becoming grandparents to a beautiful girl.

We both attended the Studio Groups BBQ at Walberswick, but at the time I was camera less and it was thanks to Terri for lending me a camera while mine was being repaired. It was a glorious sunny day for the models and we had great fun eating all those sand covered beefburgers that Wayne cooked.

Now the new season is upon us I look forward to seeing you all, along with your images.

Phil Smith

Print Section Secretary

2007/8 Print Section Competitions

The following is a reminder of the SET SUBJECTS for the new season.

26th September 07 - Animal Study

31st October 07 - Beauty

28th November 07 - Geometric

30th January 08 - A Character

27th Febuary 08 - Movement

2nd April 08 - Winter Landscape


IDPS Archives

Having taken responsibility for sorting out the club archives to form an indexed resource for members' future reference I would like to appeal to members on two points. The first is regarding the Bulletin collection. This has quite a few missing editions and a list of what exists will be on the club notice board, so please have a look and see if you can donate replacements for the missing ones.

The second point is regarding photographs _ if you have custody of any that are intended to be the property of IDPS would you please make a descriptive list so that they can be called upon for future use in demonstrations or exhibitions. It would be nice to build a portfolio of work that has gained awards in the past.

All potential archive material will be gratefully received and acknowledged. Turn stuff out and make more space for yourself!

Diana Freeman.

01379 668 749

The Bulletin Origins

January 1944 saw the first Bulletin issued. It was replacing the occasional notices that had been produced in the past. The format was two foolscap duplicated sheets printed on one side with a yellow front cover printed in brown with the IDPS logo. It was a very ambitious programme in that there was one issue a month providing there was enough `copy' - and there was too! It isn't certain how long that this production was maintained as there are missing issues but it was probably at least until 1960.

Diana Freeman

A look back into the Archives

In our age we as photographers suffer from certain restrictions when photographing people, but in the 1940's the situation was more severe.

July - August 1945 Bulletin


Control of Photography.

The following relaxations of the War-time restrictions on photography, etc., have now been made:-

It is no longer an offence to make photographs, sketches, etc., of a Protected or Prohibited place, although there still remain the controls imposed by defence Regulation 5 (safe guarding information useful to the enemy - troops, ships etc.), by the Protected Places Byelaws (not to possess or use in a protected place any camera without permission) and by the Official Secrets Act.

Control of Photography Orders, Nos 1, 2 and 5 are entirely revoked as from 19th June, 1945,

The War Office announcement on the above is as follows:-

"The War Office announces that in consequence of the revocation of the Control of Photography Orders and of the amendment of Defence Regulation 5, photographs of places to which the public have unrestricted access and of objects in such places may be taken without a permit. This also applies to sketches etc."

"Notes on Wartime Photography" in the currant Handbook are therefore cancelled."


We continue to run the Beginners Group at regular intervals and they always seem to be enjoyed by those attending. It must be stressed that these meeting are not in the published programme, but they are held at the request of the beginners and newcomers to the Society _ those attending set the agenda to fit their needs.

Those interested in this group should contact Wayne Turtill or me and give some indication of the subjects which need to be covered. The object is to help newcomers to our art solve their problems and quickly develop their picture taking.

It should also be born in mind that a number of experienced members will give one-to-one tuition _ a list of these members and their skills are published on the IDPS Web-site

The next workshop will be arranged for the first few weeks of the new season. Let me know your requirements? Barry Freeman _ Leader




The new website has been launched this summer and it has plenty of space for members' images. This is a great way to show your pictures to a wider audience and everyone is encouraged to provide David Robinson with images by email or on CD to David at Tender Oak, 104 Chitts Hill, Colchester, CO3 9SY.

At this time we are asking for up to 20 images per member and these should be:

High Quality jpeg

600 by 400 pixels max dimensions

96 dpi

Saved with the file name in the format:

"title.jpeg" (Where "title" is up to 30 characters, using letters, numbers and spaces only)

If on a CD they should be in a folder with the name of the author.

Members are encouraged to include a picture of themselves (in the same format) so that this can be used as a link to their personal gallery.

Members are also requested to allow us to include their successful distinction panels (e.g. RPS and PAGB) on the site and anyone who is willing to do this please contact Barry Freeman who can advise on how to format the panel(s).

The new site has all the essential information members need and with as many galleries as those submitted. Thereafter we hope the site will continue to develop with new and more extensive features.

Members should have a look at the new site and any comments and helpful suggestions should sent to David Robinson. Please contribute if at all possible, as it is an important shop window for IDPS

St. Joseph's College Schools Photographic Competition.

During the first week of July 2007 a school photographic competition was held at St. Joseph's and IDPS supplied the expertise and encouragement. The judges were Joy Hancock, Ron Pain and the EADT Picture Editor.

This was the first exhibition of it's kind and the hope is to expand the event next year. The children enjoyed the experience and although it is doubtful that they will become IDPS members it gets the IDPS name to the fore. Our President David Robinson presented the prizes.

Barry Freeman

Alan Turner, Vicky Harvey (Arts Teacher), Barry Freeman andDavidRobinson at St. Joseph's College Photographic Awards



Two MAG meetings have been held over the summer break, one at Alan Powell's house in June and the other at Alan Turner's house in August. Both were enjoyed by those attending with plenty of new images on view, but the attendance at Alan Powell's was a bit low _ perhaps people were thinking more of the holidays or gardening than photography. For next the programme we will have to consider if it might be best to hold all our MAG meetings during the Society meeting season. Will members who are interested in MAG please let me know your thoughts on the matter?

The July MAG Day Out to Eye and the Bar-BQ were cancelled through lack of support with only two or three members showing interest.

Would Society Photographic Outings be more attractive to members, even though at the MAG do's all members are welcome and for some time more colour has been taken than B/W? The MAG Days Out that are shown in the Programme will still be run to the venues as shown, but can members let me have their opinions for the programme next season regarding the type of outing they would support?

The next two MAG Thursday evening meetings are on 18th October at my house in Hoxne and 13th December at Alan Powell's house, please put them in your diary.

Barry Freeman _ MAG Group Leader

The Studio Group

The summer may have been a damp one but the Sun managed to shine when we needed it to.

Otley Hall made a wonderful backdrop for the Studio Groups Formal Outdoor Summer Shoot.

Who could fail to be wowed with the surroundings, inside - the fireplace in the Great Hall, the Oak Panelling and outside _ the Elizabethan Building and the formal Gardens. What inspiration, some wonderful creative shots were taken.

Our Buckets and Spades came out for the next shoot, down on the beach at Walberswick. The sun shone and it was not long before the models where at play. Our beach shoot is also our family day and as the day progressed the barbi was lit. The excitement was just too much for some of our group and naps were needed!!!

Top Tip of the Day

Don't take your memory cards swimming.


For the last of our Summer Shoots we donned our `fatigues' to spend the day as guests of the Army Air Corps over at Wattisham Air Base.

We were escorted to an aircraft hanger with £1.5 billion of Arm Hardware in it.

We had at our disposal a £38 million Apache Long Bow Attack Helicopter _ with the following instructions:

"Don't grab this, pull that and what ever you do not push that RED button! Otherwise have fun.

Every thing was fine till Wayne got behind the joystick _ then there were a lot of worried people! The challenge of the day was "how do you light a Stealth helicopter" answers on post cards to the Studio Group please…

The shoot was a great success and we have been invited back to take pictures when the helicopters are flying, any one interested should contact the Studio Group.

Now the summer is coming to a close we are moving back inside to the warmth of our indoor venue. Well not quite! For our October shoot we are planning an outdoor shoot "The Bike Shed" complete with Motor Bikes, Leathers and Attitude.

With our thoughts to the future, our next big day out will be playing with the Americans and some of their "toys" over at Lakenheath. Any one interested in joining us for this day out should get in touch with Mike, Terri or Wayne.

Terri Thorpe, Studio Group Leader

Two pictures from Otley Hall


Pictures taken by Studio Group at Walberswick


A further picture from Walberswick and two images taken at Wattisham