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Digital Hints & Tips

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Manual HDR Blending

Brian Vincent’s Colour Management

Burning and Dodging using Photoshop Layers

Monochrome duotone

Optimising Photoshop

Make Your Own Christmas Card

Darkening Foregrounds and Skies by Roy Essery

Mind the Gap by Roy Essery

HDR Photography by David Robinson

Curves for Elements 4 and above

Earthboundlight - phototips

Depth of Field Calculator

Cambridge In Colour

Luminous Landscape

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Printing with Photoshop Elements 9

Photographic Composition Notes

Printers and Printing

10 Ways to convert to monochrome

Using Borders and Type tools

Should I use RAW or JPG?

Adding a new sky

Duotoning, sepia and hand colouring

Mono images from scanned B&W negs

Digital infra-red simulation

Lithographic effect

Creating a grayscale test print

Shooting and stitching panoramas

Blending Two Exposures from One RAW Image

Adding EXIF data to images

Workflow and Paper Profiling